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The system has various alerts which can be configured to be sent on the basis of daily, weekend, hourly and also a set of date range. The alerts can be sent by email or by sms. The system has been built with following alerts-

a. Alert when the vehicle leaves the Geo-Zone (Departure Location)

b. Alert when the vehicle enters the Geo-Zone (Arrival Location)

c. Alert when the vehicle deviates from the route which has been defined

d. Alert when the vehicle enters a restricted zone

e. Alert when the vehicle is over speeding (excess speed over defined speed)

f. Alert when the GPS tracker has been tampered with or when the battery dies down

I want to ensure that on a certain day of the week, I want to be notified if somebody uses the vehicle. Is this possible?
Alerts can be set up by weekdays, weekends, hours of day or all hours whereby if the vehicle leaves a defined Geo-Zone then the system will send an alert message by SMS or by email notifying the concerned people about the misuse of vehicle.