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Customer Service

In what way does the Beacon Tracker system enhance the customer service?

One of the areas where most of the trucking / commercial team lacks focus has been an ability to provide customers with the ability to be transparent with the arrival date and time of the cargo. Most of the time the customer has to go through phone calls to driver or the operations team to get an update of the date and time of the cargo arrival. Beacon tracker can automate these functions, just define the from location and the to location, and set up the frequency of update and email. Automatic email will be sent to the customer with the current position of vehicle, estimated time of arrival and speed. This can greatly enhance the customer service for the trucking companies and automating the ETA will assist the customer in planning the activities.

Can I integrate the Beacon tracking application with my Trucking ERP system?

The beacon tracking system can be integrated with 3rd party ERP system. Based on the pre-defined service, system sends the data on a regular basis from the Beacon system to the third party system. Users will need to define the format (EDI, XML, CSV) and the data required.

Can it beacon tracker system update the customer when it arrives the destination?

When the vehicle leaves the departure zone, the customer is notified by email or SMS. Similarly when the vehicle reaches the defined zone of Arrival, the customer will be intimated by email or SMS.