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On-board Tracking and Smart Card System (OBTSS)


Touch and go RFID card system makes management of controlling access to the location / vehicle and also to register access to authorised people. The purpose is to monitor access to authorised users and to track the users location where they boarded and where they disembarked, which in turn ensures the safety of the people. A priceless security system meant for educational institute vehicles and corporate staff buses.


BACS – 400 is an additional sub-system works on RF ID technology comes along with BT – 400 GPS Tracking System. Each person or student or employee will be provided by a swipe card. While boarding and alighting the bus, all they have to do is just show the card near the BACS – 400.

Check-in and check-out with time and location will be marked. On requirement, each entry can be sent as an SMS alert to the parents, management or to the concerned persons to ensure their presence by assuring greatest safety.


  • Card reading Distance 5 - 10CM from the reader
  • 125kHz read frequency
  • Quad-Band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
  • 9600 baud serial interface
  • Built in Antenna
  • Instant SMS alert
  • Multiple mobile number configurations
  • Customized Report


  • Addresses Safety & Security concerns of parents & schools (Peace of mind)
  • 100% automation of routine checks (arrival, drop off, delay, pick up etc.)
  • 100% automation of exception handling of unforeseen situations
  • 100% automation of improved handling of unforeseen situations
  • Key differentiator for OBTSS enabled schools
  • Automatic Enforcement & Compliance of route integrity of school/corporate fleet
  • Tracking duration of stops, unscheduled halts, speed and idling time
  • Over 3 Lac SMS messages successfully sent

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