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Reefer Temperature

What about the cargo care, how can the beacon tracking system help?

For reefer trucks which carry temperature sensitive cargo, the temperature monitoring becomes an important part, as many of the trucks carry expensive perishable goods. To ensure that the temperature is being maintained, the system on a frequent basis sends the temperature update to the customer and if for any reason the temperature falls or rises above the permitted range, the alert is sent to the customer. This can save the customer from serious financial loss, as he can arrange for alternative vehicle to salvage the cargo. This feature is available in BT200 version.

What are the other features of Beacon tracking system?

The beacon team has specialist hardware and software engineers who can design and build hardware and / or software solution catered and custom designed especially for the needs of the companies. This type of service is rarely provided by any other GPS tracking system.

One of the key features of the Beacon GPS tracking system is the ability to display the weather condition, such as wind speed, direction, visibility, rain or stormy weather being experienced by the vehicle. Such information is quite valuable for customer and the trucking company.