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Vehicle Maintenance and Service
Vehicles have to undergo periodic maintenance and service, beacon tracking system when provided with scheduled date or miles read out can provide alerts to the trucking company of the periodic service which needs to be done. This alert is very important especially if you have a large fleet of trucks and identifying the date of service can be difficult especially when the requisite miles have been covered by the truck. The odometer reading as received from the tracking system is used for the maintenance due date.
Vehicle Performance

What other technical information can the beacon tracker provide?

Beacon tracker BT200 has the capability of reading the battery voltage periodically, and transmit the voltage read out to the operations. This can help in identifying any issues with battery before the battery dies down. An alert can be set up if the voltage drops below a prescribed limit. Beacon tracker not only provides position but is a remote computer unit which can assist in preventing issues before they occur. The preventive action taken by operations team can save a lot of cost and prevent customer claims and other issues.